Size: 58"58"          
         ( custom sizes available for purchase)
 Satin Overlays
  Satin overlays
  Organza overlays
  Fancy overlays ( rental only) -
updated on Apr 18/13

 Purchase options

 size: 58"x 58", 80"x80", or customer size upon requested.
 see Satin color chart #1 and #2
 Rental options

 see Sain Color Chart #1

 Organza Overlays
 Purchase options
Plain organza overlays 58"x58"
  see organza chart  #1

 Plain organza overlays 80"x80"
  see organza chart  #2

Rental options

Size: 58"58" plain ( no satin edge),  see Organza color chart #1

 Size: 80"x80" plain ( no satin edge)
 color: brown,  ivory,  black,  burgundy,  burnt orange, celadon green,
 aqua, gold, red black, aubergine

Organza overlays with ribbon  / embroidery and satin edge
  ( updated on Apr 18/13)
 Size: 80"x80" with satin edge
 color: dark silver, brown,  aubergine, ivory, champagne, white, burgundy, orange
 Fancy Overlays (rental only)
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